Friday, January 29, 2010


Does the heading ring any bells???

Yes you are right…..SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE…

This, arguably, is the most remembered moral of our childhood days. Isn’t it?? The moral learnt from the famous rabbit and turtle story in which the “SLOW AND STEADY” Turtle beat a very quick and arrogant Rabbit in a race and our teacher said, “So children, we learn that, Slow and Steady Wins the race”. And we as Children shouted loudly “Yes Ma’am”.

But have you ever thought that as we grew up from little kids to large adults (hehehe) the world has sped up exponentially. So I was forced to think that does this Very Famous Moral still hold true??? I gave this question a lot of thought and found the answer to be a loud and clear NO.

The truth of today is that LIFE IS A RACE, IF U DON’T RUN FAST then you’ll be like a BROKEN ANDA. Oh I m Just Kidding. On a more serious note, nowadays, life definitely is a race but you don’t necessarily have to run fast. This moral, which I am talking about, is related to winning the race of life. We were taught in our childhood days that if you want to win the race of life you have to be slow and steady. But people, the slow and steady turtle wins the race IFF (If and Only If) the quicker rabbit stops for rest whilst running towards the finish line. What say?? Isn’t it so??

Thus SLOW AND STEADY no longer wins the race always.

Now when I found that the most remembered moral of my childhood does not hold true in the modern world then, being the very responsible person which I am (don’t enlarge your eyes frndzz), I came up with something new. I changed the moral to:


This, according to me, does hold true in the modern world. How?? Read On.

I emphasize on two words in my version of the moral, ‘BUT’ and ‘CAN’.

The word ‘BUT’ tells that even if you are slow, you ought to be steady. I said earlier that Life definitely is a race but you don’t necessarily have to run fast. I extend this thought by saying that “if you are not fast then you ought to be steady”.

Coming to the word ‘CAN’. Many of you would say that it is never sure that someone who is “Slow ‘but’ Steady” will always win the race. I totally agree. That is why I wrote ‘CAN’ instead of ‘WILL’.

So my version says that: If you are slow then you ought to be steady but that doesn’t guarantee that you will win the race. It depends on your opponent. If he is like the Rabbit we read about then you’ll win else you’ll lose.

Now, the question arises that if you are slow what are the chances of your opponent being like that rabbit?? Don’t worry I’ll not bore you more. Wait for the next post to know the answer.

You know what I am thinking?? I am thinking about a story for my version of the moral. I seek help for that.

Hope you liked my first post…Do tell me if you agree to my version of the moral. Thank you.

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